Qi Gong starting April 19

Qi Gong Series - April 19-May 31, 9:00-10:15 am

Alison Born will begin a 6-week Qi Gong series (May 10th no class).  The last 15 minutes of each class has an optional guided meditation.  (The cost is $60/series or $12 drop-in.)

Certified Qi Gong instructor and licensed acupuncturist, Alison Born, has been teaching classes in the area since 2006 at a wide variety of indoor and outdoor settings. She learned  Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong, “Qi Gong of Unconditional Love” or “Qi Gong of Universal Oneness” from its creator, Master Li Jun Feng. Its basic premise is that of opening your heart, mind and the channels in your body to connect with the universal Qi of nature – “being one with the flow of all”, so to speak. For more information about Sheng Zhen qi gong or Master Li, please visit: www.shengzhen.org.

For this series, Alison will teach the "Heaven and Nature Gong" series (aka "Kuan Yin Standing Qi Gong"). It is comprised of 10 movements, some of which are performed once, while others are practiced multiple times. The movements have poetic names such as, “Lotus Blossom going through the Mountain," and contemplations that are paired with each movement. Alison also plans to teach the 6 healing sounds for organ revitalization. All experience and fitness levels are welcome. If you have any questions or would like to register, please contact Allison at 352-4555 or alison@capefearacupuncture.com.