Christmas Eve Lasagna Project 12/24 @ 9am

Meals on Wheels Lasagna Project

Tuesday, December 24, 9:00 am

Volunteers are needed for this one-day project to feed 325 homebound seniors.  Every year, we bake 27-32 full-sized lasagnas to add to store-bought peaches and salad to make a special Christmas meal.  What a blessing it is to give!

Meals on Wheels is a program that Unity of Wilmington has collaborated with for more than twenty years.  While we serve a weekend meal once a month to 35 grateful souls, our Christmas Eve project is special in that we are able to give a delicous home-cooked meal to 10 times as many individuals who are unable to purchase or prepare their own Christmas dinner.  

Please let Wendy know via email if you can bring a lasagna here and/or help with the meal packing.  

9:00 am on Tuesday December 24th!