Five Principles Class Wednesdays Starting 7/31, 7:00pm

Five Principles of Unity Class

Wednesdays, beginning July 31, 7:00 pm

Join us for a five-week class covering the basic principles, the core and foundational beliefs held by the Unity Movement. Unity teachings are based on universal spiritual principles that run like a thread through the world’s religions. These are laws that seem to govern humankind no matter where we live, how we view the Divine, or even whether we are aware these principles exist. They have been expressed in many ways through thousands of years, but the essence of them is this:

  1. One presence. God is all there is, present everywhere, and absolute good.

  2. Original virtue.  We are created in the image and likeness of God.  Our very essence is Divine, therefore, we are inherently good.

  3. Mindful Creators.  We create our life experiences with our thoughts and feelings.

  4. Prayer and Meditation.  Our lives can be changed and transformed through the power of prayer and the illumination of meditation.

  5. Action.  Knowing these principles is not enough.  We must live the Truth we know.

This interactive experience will be facilitated by Rev. Nickie Golden.

Textbook:  The Five Principles by Ellen Debenport
The Five Principles was written to provide tools for daily living and suggests answers to the great questions of existence. These principles reflect the laws of the universe that apply to everyone, all the time. They show up in every major religion and in the teachings of Jesus Christ.


Fee:  Love Offering