Being part of a vibrant and energetic community is FUN! We welcome your participation in all of the FUN going on at Unity of Wilmington. Check our Calendar for specific dates and times.

We are a Unity community of people who believe that we are created in the image of and likeness of God.  God is Radiant Health, and so are we.  God is Strength, and so are we.  God is full of Forgiveness, and so are we.  In Oneness, we are whole.

There is a proverb attributed to the Prophet Mohammed which states, “Trust in God, but tie up your camel.”  That is exactly what we’re inviting you to do at Unity of Wilmington.  We are affirming perfect health AND implementing policies to assure the optimal health and well-being of our spiritual community.  All in-person activities have been suspended as we have temporarily closed the building.


Art Gallery

will resume when the building reopens

A variety of 3-D art by individual congregants displayed in a two-month rotation.

Soup Sunday

Soup Sundays are a great way to fellowship while enjoying a scrumptious selection of soups brought in by individual congregants.

A Night Out

Formerly known as Girls Night Out, this monthly event has expanded to include all genders.  Everyone is welcome to attend a group night out for a no-host dinner at a location to be announced once our quarantine days are over. This social activity gives us all an chance to get to know each other better, and share heartfelt laughter.

Cook-Off Competitions

Enter your favorite dish for the honor and glory of winning the honor and glory of the most incredibly tasty and creative prize medal (first, second and third awarded).  Each competition sports a different theme (chili, mac and cheese, etc.) Tasting cards available for $5.

Birthday Sundays

We celebrate on the first Sunday of every month all of the peeps who are celebrating birthdays!


Annual Picnic

Unity reserves a place at Long Leaf Park for a potluck to beat all potlucks!  With an attendance of a majority of the congregation, we enjoy each other’s' company, play games, listen to music and dine on grilled burgers and hotdogs!

Ice Cream Social

Every July...what better way to celebrate our Independence than the all American ice cream sundae! After both services on the Sunday nearest to July 4th.


Classes and Programs