Kundalini Yoga additional class starting 11/4

Kudalini Yoga with Adi Krishna Kaur - Now Two Offerings per Week

Mondays 9:00 am and Wednesdays 10:00 am

Kundalini Yoga is a spiritual, physical, mental & healthy way to ignite your soul energy and connect to Truth & Love.

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a life changing technology that incorporates Kriya, Mantra, Mudra, Meditation and other tenants of Yogic Philosophy. Combining all of these techniques results in a full-on experience for the practitioner that carries on into all areas of life and allows one to spread the light of love into all. Beginning with aBasic Spinal Series, this Kriya systematically works from the base of the spine to the top giving each vertebrae stimulation & each Chakra a burst of energy. Basic Spinal Series is a great Kriya to do before meditation which is why we will follow with Kirtan Kriya.

Kirtan Kriya is one of three meditations that Yogi Bhajan said we would need if all others were lost. Practicing this meditation is both a science and an art that incorporates Mantra, Mudra, Voice & Visualization. This is one of the meditations that has been scientifically studied, tested and proven to improve brain function and decrease memory loss. 

Fee:  $5