Nominating Committee Update 1/19

The Nominating Committee has placed seven candidates on the slate for the 2020 Board of Directors.  There are five openings on the Board:  two 3-year terms; one 2-year term; and two 1-year terms.  This slate of candidates will be introduced at the January 26 Town Hall meeting so we can get to know them better:  Francesca Fazzolari, Amber Law, Lainie Mauger, Myron McNeil, Marci Staten,Tina Vesely, Janette Wellman.

While nominations can still be made from the floor at the annual meeting on February 9, anyone interested in running is asked to complete a profile questionnaire and a background authorization in advance. Background checks now take 48-hours to complete, so an unscreened nomination from the floor will cause the meeting to be suspended for at least a week.  As a way to respect your fellow members, please contact Michael Snyder, Nominating Committee Chair, or Rev. Nickie Golden for a Nominating Packet as soon as possible.  For a full copy of the Nominating Committee Procedure, click here.