Welcome Paul Miller - Music Director

A note from Rev. Mindy:

Four years ago, Lisa Keating said ‘Yes’ to performing as Music Director for Unity of Wilmington.  She became a stabilizing influence with the choir, the band and booking vocalists.  While the role she took on then was new to her, Lisa had been a part of the music ministry since 2006, supporting beautifully throughout those years.

With the advent of the pandemic, our Sunday offering has shifted to an online platform and thus our music programming needs have also shifted. We bless Lisa for her service to our music ministry and celebrated June 21st as her last Sunday.  Had we been meeting in person, we would have invited you to give her a standing ovation and enjoy cake in the Community Room.  In lieu of that, we do encourage you to send a note of appreciation to Lisa at the office which we will happily forward.

Sunday, June 28th, we welcomed Paul Miller to our staff.  Paul is no stranger to us as he has been bringing his musicality to Unity of Wilmington since 2018 and to the greater Wilmington performance scene since 2011.  Known for his accomplishment as a Jazz pianist, Paul also demonstrates finesse with Pop, Rock, Country and Broadway. Paul continues to be a full-time piano instructor at a local music studio, and once Wilmington’s entertainment venues reopen, you will be able to enjoy his shows around town.  Welcome Paul Miller!

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Photo Credit:  Star News