White Stone Ceremony Sunday 1/5

Burning Bowl and White Stone Ceremonies


Unity doesn’t have a lot of ritual.  Our ceremonies have more to do with rites of passage like weddings and memorial services.  At the end of each holiday season, Unity of Wilmington offers two unique and sacred opportunities for a greater awareness of our oneness with God.

White Stone Ceremony

Sunday, January 5, 9:00 & 11:00 am

The White Stone Ceremony is an equally treasured and transformative tradition in Unity.  We each possess freedom symbolized by a white stond (as written in Rev. 2:17); stones will be provided by Unity of Wilmington.  A time of sacred guided meditation invokes a deep listening within us to hear the whisper of Spirit.  What we hear may be one or two words which represent the changes we wish to make, what we want to see expressing in our lives, what our himan minds need to hold foremost in our thinking to support our unfolding spiritual experience, and aim, a direction, a name.