Board of Directors

Our board of directors are a group of devoted leaders from within our Unity community. They are committed to the fulfillment of the inspired vision of Unity of Wilmington. Contact the Board.



Lainie Mauger, President






David Hall, Member-at-Large





Vicki Hayes, Member-at-Large





Christine Lyons, Member-at-Lyons





Michael Snyder, Member-at-Large




I love participating in a workship service that resounds the Truth that God is good and continually reminds me that prayer and meditation are the open door to a personal relationship with God.  I am uplifted belonging to this community that provides fertile ground for spiritual growth and supports each individual's personal path.
Janette Wellman, Member-at-Large




I love the vibrancy and the joy here, and this spiritual community's willingness to deepen in consciousness!
Rev. Nickie Golden, Co-Minister




I love the depth of love and unconditional acceptance in this spiritual community - from the people to the principles.  I am inspired to live into my ‘full aliveness!’
Rev. Mindy Tucker, Co-Minister







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