Check out our calendar to view all events.  Here are a few special events happening in April.

April Newsletter:


Detox Workshop with Dr. Buffalino and Beth Ventre
Saturday, April 7, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm


    · Liver and Lymph System Review
    · Where toxicity is hidden in your life
    · Action Steps to decrease toxicity.  You will learn these techniques:
    Manual Lymph drainage technique
       Liver Acupressure
       Liver Enzymes and Bioimpedance Analysis
      · Free radicals-how they accelerate aging and how antioxidants help
      - Food toxicity and nutrients that decrease toxic burden
      · Hands on small group demonstrations

Cost:  $60.  Bring your own lunch.

Dr. Louis Buffalino has been in practice for over 25 years.  He has recently moved to Wilmington to be closer to his family.  His understanding of the human body can only be accomplished after seeing thousands of patients.  He takes the time to listen and really get to the cause of your problem using diagnostic testing and kinesiology.

Beth Ventre, PT - As a 1982 graduate of the University of Connecticut, Beth has practiced physical therapy in a variety of settings.  After extensive training in manual therapy techniques, she found these to be the most powerful yet gentle forms of treatment.   In 1992 she began teaching manual therapy courses and in 2017 Beth also became a certified Holistic Health Coach through the International Institute of Holistic Medicine.

New Members Class
Sundays, April 8 and 15, 12:30-2:30 pm

Becoming a member at Unity of Wilmington indicates a definite, considered choice to be an integral part of this Unity spiritual community.  It represents a commitment to the manifestation of Unity principles in one’s life, and a commitment to share in the joys and responsibilities of co-creating and maintaining this on-going Unity ministry.
These two 2-hour classes serve as an introduction to Unity principles as well as the history and structure of our governance.  While attendance is mandatory for membership in Unity of Wilmington, people are welcome to attend without joining.

Facilitated by Rev. Mindy Tucker and Rev. Dr. Nickie Golden.

If you have been a member at another Unity church, you may be eligible to transfer your membership.  Contact Rev. Mindy for more information:

New Member Induction - Sunday, April 22

Ladies Lunch at Bitty and Beau's Coffee
April 10, Noon

We will meet at Bitty and Beau’s Coffee, 4949 New Centre Dr., for lunch. They serve breakfast all day and lunch is limited to a chicken salad or ham and cheese wrap.  The wraps must be ordered a day ahead of time.  Please indicate your choice when you sign up.  

You may sign up in the lobby or contact Beverly Perry (910-465-6375) for lunch to reserve or to cancel your spot.  Please make your reservation at least 24 hours before the meal.  All women are welcome to attend.

Reconnective Frequencies (RF) Exploration Group
Tuesday, April 10, 1:00 pm

Reconnective Frequencies enable a return to an optimal state of balance, wholeness and vitality. It’s tangible, measurable… you can actually feel it!  It brings about healings that are often instantaneous and tend to last for the person’s lifetime.  And the only tools required are your consciousness and presence.

Our group is focused on concepts, practices, and frequencies of Reconnective Healing.  All are welcome to attend.  Suggested love offering - $10.

For more information, please contact Rev. Nickie Golden (808-389-6715) or Peg Ostby (371-3966).

The Art of Awakening with Omar Ahmadzai
Thursday, April 12, 7:00 pm

The Art of Awakening is a Shamanic Breathwork and Meditative Experience that combines ancient Breath techniques with Shamanic tools to take us all deep into our innerVerse.
The workshop has been designed to provide a powerful and sacred space for each person in attendance to have one of the most powerful transcendental journeys all while simply laying comfortably and breathing.#weaponsofmassawakening     
Cost $35.

2nd Friday Experience:  Opening Yourself to Spirit Communication
Friday, April 13, 7:00 pm

Spirit communication is a natural born ability. Throughout your life you may have tuned into it, blocked it out, didn’t recognize it, or maybe even been afraid of it.  Tina will be sharing with you techniques she uses to enrich that connection.

The evening will consist of:
·         Tips on how to release the blocks
·         Recognizing your own abilities
·         Learn about the signs you’re shown
·         Demonstration of mediumship by Tina
·         Question and Answer
Tina Vesely is an internationally acclaimed medium, transformational coach, and spiritual advisor. Coming from over 6 generations of mediums, Tina uses her abilities to assist her clients with accurate, in-depth information and comfort.  She started communicating with spirit at an early age and was taught to embrace it by her family as they shared their knowledge with her. Last year Tina and her husband Jerry moved to Leland, NC following their spiritual journeys of assisting others on their own spiritual path.
Suggested donation $15.   Tina’s website is

Soup Sunday
April 15, after both services

‘Soup’ Sundays are a  great way to fellowship while enjoying a delicious cup of soup.  Please sign up if you are willing to bring a pot of soup to share.  Your love offering will support the sound reduction project in the Fellowship Hall.  Thank you! 


You Matter Sunday
April 22, 9:00 and 11:00 am

Community and Worldwide Service Project for April—”You Matter” Project

Mission: To bond together in love to engage in meaningful service to ourselves, our local community and the world.
“You Matter” is a movement to let people know that their lives are important.  On Sunday, April 22, we will be distributing these business card sized messages to the congregation to pass around as they feel led.  You can leave them in many places, i.e., in a library book, by a cashier, on a car windshield, etc. or wherever you choose.  Be open—the card will arrive in the hands that need it most.  It’s a way to say “you are loved.”  Participation is the key.

Girls Night Out at Steam Restaurant
Tuesday, April 24, 6:00 pm

We will meet at Steam Restaurant, 9 Estell Lee Pl., Wilmington riverfront for Girls Night Out.  You may sign up in the lobby or contact Kara Williams for dinner to reserve or to cancel your spot.  Please make your reservation at least 24 hours before the meal.  All women are welcome to attend.

Spiritual Growth Playshop
Beginning Tuesday, April 24, 7:00 pm

This will be a time of exploration, using meditation as the basis to developing your gifts of intuition.  You will learn to work with light, to connect with Universal Mind for enhanced creativity, and learn more about your higher purpose.  We will practice various techniques together such as playing with Zener cards, holding objects (psychometry), feeling and reading energy, practice automatic writing and more.  As meditation is a key component to this class, we will meditation for 15-20 minutes to align with our higher selves in each session.

Raise your vibration and those around you and join us!

Facilitated by Annette Cook.  Suggested donation $10 with all proceeds going to Unity of Wilmington      xxxxxA special Communion Service and Foot Washing with sacred ritual.  Facilitated by our Leadership Team. 

Yogananda Legacy Sunday
April 29, 9:00 and 11:00 am

“My reason told me that in seeking perfect love, I must go to the Source; I must go to the One who alone is capable of giving such love. Thus, began my search for God.”   Daya Mata

Daya Mata first met Yogananda at the age of 17 while seeking one thing:  perfect, unconditional love.  After joining his ashram that year, Daya Mata rarely left his company eventually serving as President of the Self Realization Fellowship for 65 years.

The mission of the Self Realization Fellowship is to foster a spirit of greater understanding and goodwill among the diverse people and nations of the global family and help those of all cultures and creeds to realize and express more fully in their lives the beauty, nobility, and divinity of the human spirit, which mission it intends to fulfill through worldwide service.

Join us for this special, themed Sunday as we explore Unity’s commonalities with the writings of Daya Mata, the legacy of Yogananda.


Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
Sunday, April 29, 5:00 pm

Unity of Wilmington says “Thank You” to the many volunteers that have engaged in Sacred Service to our spiritual community in the last year.  If you volunteer regularly, please look for an email inviting you to attend a catered dinner served by the Board of Directors.  Your contributions of time and talent are deeply treasured and so valued here.  We couldn’t run the programs and ministries we do, serve and support the expansion of consciousness and invite personal transformation without an entire cadre of volunteers.  Please help us appreciate you by saying “yes” to dinner on April 29!

Birthday Sunday
May 6, at both services

We welcome birthday celebrants and cupcake donations.

Healing Night
Monday, May 7, 7:00 - 9:00 pm

This evening of healing is open to all wishing to receive healing energy.   Different healing modalities will be offered.  Contact Sis Tyler at 452-0415 if you have any questions.  Love offerings accepted.

Healing Nights are held on the first Monday of the month.

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