Sunday Classes

Youth Education

Each classroom is staffed by a team of loving and dedicated volunteers who enthusiastically guide our youth through their own personal discovery of their relationship with God.  What a powerful impact we can have on their lives! In each classroom our lessons are age specific. Prior to the end of each service, the children and teens join the adults in the Sanctuary for a special blessing acknowledging their contributions to our spiritual family, followed by the Peace Song and the Prayer for Protection.



Class Ages & Meeting Times

9:00am    Children from birth through 5th grade: Coco Bears Nursery and One-Room Sunday School

11:00am   Children from birth through High School: Coco Bears Nursery, Universe Kids, Crystal Kids, Uniteens & Y.O.U.


Class Age Groups

Coco Bears Nursery – Infants and toddlers through age 3
Our nursery is lovingly staffed by Sarah Kenney each Sunday. Each Sunday typically features a story and a simple craft or art project for the children to enjoy.

Universe Kids and Crystal Kids – Pre-K through 5th Grade
Children are introduced to Unity Principles through music, puppets, crafts, and picture books.  Their lessons are based on the Living Curriculum philosophy – teaching through experiences, storytelling and creative expression.  The older the children are, the more a discussion-based curriculum is applied.

Uniteens – 6th Grade through 8th Grade
Uniteens explore spiritual truths particularly around belonging, self-image, and making a difference in a safe and age appropriate environment. They have the opportunity to connect with other pre-teens and to take the ideas and spiritual principles shared and see how they can incorporate them into their lives. From time to time, our Uniteens are also involved in both service to the church and supportive community building activities (such as lock-ins and camp-outs) as they grow through their middle school years.  Opportunities to attend regional retreats are offered twice a year.

Y.O.U. – Youth of Unity – 9th Grade through 12th Grade
The focus of our Y.O.U. chapter is on assisting the teens in developing leadership skills and encouraging them to have an active role in the classroom experience. It is a classroom that is student led, adult guided. (This classroom is staffed by an adult sponsor each week.)This age group uses their understanding of the Bible and Truth principles, metaphysics and philosophy to discuss and look deeper into the issues and concerns that they encounter each day. They support one another and enjoy many opportunities to explore their spirituality through social outings, social service projects and other events. Opportunities to attend regional retreats and rallies are offered twice a year.

Click here for more information about upcoming regional Uniteen Retreats and Y.O.U. Events.

*For the safety of our children, we perform independent criminal background checks on all volunteers and paid staff that work with our children.*

Support our Youth!

Our Youth and Family Ministry is mostly self supporting and as such, we always welcome any financial support to help our Uniteens and Y.O.U. travel to their off-campus events as well as the purchase Unity curriculum and learning supplies.

Two Annual Events!  The scrumptious Pancake Breakfast in the Fall and the Red Hot Chili Cook-off in the Spring.  Yum!

“I am constantly amazed by the depth of spiritual understanding our youth share with me and am thankful for the opportunity to a part of their empowerment.”  Rev. Mindy Tucker