Our Guest Vocalists and Musicians

Here at Unity we are thrilled to host amazing musical talent each and every Sunday. In addition to our dedicated Music Team you can expect to be inspired and energized by guest instrumentalists and vocalists from right here in Wilmington...and beyond. Take a look at who will be here in the coming weeks and then join us for a truly one of a kind Sunday experience.

October 6 - United in Purpose by Rev. Mindy Tucker; Vocalist: Samantha Misfud
October 13 - Upgrade Our Words by Rev. Nickie Golden; Vocalist: Terrill Williams
October 20 - Star Trek Sunday by Rev. Mindy Tucker; Vocalist: Chris Rickert
October 27 - Speaker, Rev. Nickie Golden; Vocalist: LaRaisha Dionne


LaRaisha Dionne




Farrah Roberts




Samantha Mifsud




Jason Aycock and Heather Setzler




Terrill Williams




Christopher Rickert


Courtney Rickert 


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