From the Board


As we go forth to reopen the church and rebuild our spiritual community, it only seems right to restate our core values which help to guide us in all that we do:

Spiritual -
We respect and celebrate the Inner Source of all.
We express and expand awareness of the inherent good in ourselves and others.
Uplifting -
We enthusiastically engage in the transformation of ourselves, our church, our community and the world.
We recognize the innate goodness and connectedness of all.
Dynamic -
We celebrate that everybody is a loving expression of God.
We recognize God in all, as we actively engage in co-creating activities that benefit ourselves and others.
Loving - 
We celebrate that Love is the God light in ourselves and others.
God is Love and we are the expressions of God.  As we love, we grow in consciousness and the world   becomes more peaceful.
Inclusive - 
Diversity is the life-blood that nourishes our dynamic oneness.  All are welcome here.
We embrace all people as unique expressions of God and celebrate our oneness.

We now have a full Board of Directors ready and able to set the course for our future.  The recently appointed members of the Board are Gail O’Brien and Sue Gallagher, Members at Large and we have a newly appointed Treasurer, Bill Braman.  We are very grateful to have such a wonderful team committed to building up Unity of Wilmington going forward.  

We need your help, too.  Please know that we depend on you to provide the needed financial support to run the Church, and we also need your commitment of time as a volunteer to help us organize and deliver the services and programs that serve our community. 

We are very excited about the journey that lies ahead and look forward to working closely with our congregants every step of the way.  We are all in this together.  

Blessings from the Board,

Myron, Laine, Trish, Bill, Sue and Gail