Volunteering - Sacred Service

Get Connected to our Spiritual Community by

Sharing your Talents and Gifts

Volunteering, honors the spiritual practice of service as a way of life. It is the place where we outwardly express who we inwardly are by sharing our gifts and talents. In doing so, we expand our potential, create a strong sense of community, and express our souls.
Our service opportunities are as varied as the people who participate.  Whether you have only a little time to give, or a lot, we appreciate each and every one of our volunteers!

Get Benefits and Blessings from Volunteering

  •  Have fun and support Unity of Wilmington to continue to thrive
  •  Meet and connect with like-minded people
  •  Develop a sense of belonging, which benefits individuals as well as the community
  •  Support your natural desire to give and be generous to others
  •  Open your heart by giving time and energy to a place you love
  •  Experience nurturing relationships and make a difference in the lives of others
  •  Grow and transform through the selfless spiritual practice of service

Get Involved in your Own Way

Unity of Wilmington depends on the participation of its members to maintain our physical space and to support the programs, activities and the people of our spiritual community. Our volunteers assume many levels of support by team leadership, becoming a member of a team or supporting events and activities.


Sacred Love in Action Opportunities

Our Youth Education Program is led by Jill Morrison.  We reopened our program in October, 2022 with a new staff, newly renovated rooms, and new lessons.

All Youth Ed staff will have the full support of our Director, Staff and Volunteers.

Volunteers are needed for this rewarding and joyful experience.

Sunday school class teacher will only teach one Sunday per month. You will be provided with the lessons and craft ideas needed each week. The age group for these classes are 6-10 years.

Nursery Attendant: One Sunday per month, no lessons needed. This age group is 0 - 5 years.

Both levels will have games, toys and art supplies provided. The Playground will be open for our use.

I expect that we will enjoy ourselves and learn as much as our children!!!

In Love, Light and Laughter,



Unity is a healing, affirmative prayer based ministry. Our prayer partners are led by Theresa Rodriguez.  They will support you through challenges and celebrations. Membership in Unity of Wilmington is required and training will be provided if you feel called to volunteer for this team. You will be required to attend at least two Sunday Services a month and be prepared to administer Prayer if needed. Meetings are required monthly. Please contact Unity's office by calling 910-763-5155 or email our Prayer Partner Team lead Theresa Rodriguez at prayerministry@unitywil.com.

Each Sunday we have two people at our entrance to the sanctuary who welcome everyone to our service. Our Welcome Team also takes the collection during our Celebration Service. If you enjoy meeting new people, or just like to say hello and welcome, this is a great opportunity for you.  We generally ask that you commit to one Sunday per month. Please contact the church office at 910-763-5155 or email the Administrative Assistant here

Is digging in the dirt your thing? Do you love trimming bushes and trees to bring out their inner beauty? Are you mechanically inclined or a handyman who enjoys doing small repair and maintenance jobs? If this sounds like you, please contact Myron McNeil or Richard Walsh who head our Building and Grounds Team to volunteer for this team here.

Being interested in our Hospitality team means you enjoy cooking, clean-up and laying out a spread for your friends and family. This team has a one Sunday a month commitment. Your duties will involve setup, (setting the table, laying out food, making coffee), for our after Service hospitality. You would also be needed to clean up and put away food and dishes afterwards.  Our hospitality team is lead by Gail O'Brien who can be reached here.