Wendy is a former credit union professional with 25 years of experience possessing knowledge of finance, regulartory requirements and general credit union operations.  Applying those skills with great love and attention, Wendy joined the staff at Unity of Wilmington in August 2019.

Wendy Miller, Administrative Assistant
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Lisa is a life-long learner, with Master's degrees in Speech Pathology and in Business Administration, additional certification in writing and in yoga, as well as Oneness Blessing work and immersion in music-music-music.  She has studied piano since the age of seven and has long dreamed of fantastically singing with "Up with People" or of playing keyboard with "The Archies". Leading the Music Team at Unity is right now fulfilling her dreams of joining many people together to create uplifting musical experiences. Contact Lisa.
Lisa Keating, Music Director


Sue has made a profession of sacred service with her award-winning contributions to Holly Tree, Roland Grise and Hoggard schools.  So much so in fact that Sue was given New Hanover County's Beacon of Light in 2012.  With nine years of hospice work and many more years of parent/teacher and parent/student interface, Sue uses her new position as Volunteer Coordinator as an opportunity to make a positive impact on her Unity family, sharing new ideas of creativity and beauty, and fostering healthy relationships.

Sue Gallagher, Volunteer Coordinator. Contact Sue.



Robert Hathaway, Facility Maintenance


Mandy Hlusak, Nursery Attendant (beginning as soon as the building reopens)




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