Garden Uplift from Work on Wilmington

Work on Wilmington blessed us with 15 volunteers on May 1st & 2nd with a generous gift of their time, talent and muscle.  Together we removed more than 2,000 pounds of vegetation and debris from the front of our Unity campus.  Many thanks to team leader Lars Isaacson, the team itself, and Lars’ parents.

Every year, Work on Wilmington grants individuals and non-profits with a “clean up and face-lift” service. Sue Gallagher successfully applied to receive this grant in 2020.  Due to COVID restrictions, the work was re-scheduled for 2021.  Special thanks to Sue to leading this initiative.

We know we have more work to do on our own.  Stay tuned for announcements of Garden Workdays (after the Yard Sale on June 5th and before the building re-opening in July).

Before Work on Wilmington:


After Work on Wilmington:


Click here to see more about Work on Wilmington, including a list of sponsors we can support in gratitude for the beauty they are bringing to Unity of Wilmington.

PS You may notice that our gazebo and building is in dire need of power-washing.  Not to worry, Myron McNeil and Peter Gallagher have volunteered to gift us with this necessary labor of love.