A Message from the Board

Greetings All,


A Message from the Board:


We are so excited about the road that lies ahead for us at Unity of Wilmington.


Our Transition Team (Francesca, Aimee and Vicki) are doing an outstanding job in organizing our Sunday services, bringing in inspirational ministers and creating a roadmap for us to select a new minister with the help and guidance of Unity Worldwide Services.   They have also identified a Unity consultant who will co-create our future with all of us.  You will hear more about this soon. 


It is widely known that all change efforts have three phases:

                     The Ending

                     The Transition

                     The New Beginning


The transition period requires patience and support from you.  The Board is meeting regularly and addressing the foundational things that need immediate attention while also looking down the road and planning for the future.


Remember, as Abraham Maslow once said: “In any given moment we have two options:  to step forward into growth or step back into safety.”   There is no choice for us, we are stepping forward into growth.


The Board:  Myron, Lainie, Trish and Warren