Come On In!

"Come on in, welcome home, you are loved, you belong here now. No matter where you've been, come on in."   We sing this message to each other every Sunday morning, for we see each other as individual expressions of One.  We are expressing One Love, One Source, One Presence, One Power, together. Music is so powerful in enabling us to feel the Presence and Power of Oneness, a Presence and Power of peace, a Presence and Power of joy.  I cannot tell you the absolute joy I feel as we sing each Sunday.  Led by our talented singers and musicians, we begin to lift higher, to open our hearts, sometimes coming to toe-tapping or foot-stomping, other times to a serene and beautiful meditation, or sometimes feeling tears come to our eyes.  Through it all, we feel that spirit of connection. We welcome you to come and join us as often as you can! Contact Lisa.
With delight and appreciation,
Lisa Keating,
Music Director

Our Guest Vocalists and Musicians

Here at Unity we are thrilled to host amazing musical talent each and every Sunday. In addition to our dedicated Music Team you can expect to be inspired and energized by guest musicians and vocalists from right here in Wilmington...and beyond. Take a look at who will be here in the coming weeks and then join us for a truly one of a kind Sunday experience.


Sunday Services

Youth and Family