Prosperity Plus III

Say “Yes” to Your Dream

Dear Unity of Wilmington Members,

We have great news for you! Prosperity Plus Ill starts on Wednesday, September 14th and runs for 8 consecutive weeks ending on Wednesday,  November 2.  The class is delivered via Zoom and starts at 7 PM ET and runs for 90 minutes.  Be be sure to sign up today.

This 8-week tithing course will be facilitated by our very own Aliza Bloom Robinson, Unity Transitional Consultant, and is supported with the masterful video-based “virtual” teachings of Mary Morrissey.

In this class you will discover: 

  • 5 steps to raising your vibration to the frequency of your dreams
  • Tools to put yourself in harmony with the Universal Laws that govern success
  • How to create a vision of the results we would like to make welcome in our life

We want to create wealth in all areas of our life because wealth is what allows for freedom, and spirit in each of us is seeking expansion and freedom.

Prosperity Plus III registration ends soon, so sign up now to register for the class and order your materials.

If you have any questions, feel free to call Wendy at (910) 763 5155.

If you are ready to experience a significant breakthrough in your life, this is the course for you!

Read what participants have to say:

“Participating in this class has opened doors for me that have been shut for some time now. Through tithing, unexpected income has been coming to me on a consistent basis getting me through each month where before I had no idea how I was going to manage. For example, my ex-husband had not been able to pay child support for over a year and a half. While I was enrolled in this class, he became able to pay. And my confidence has grown which is creating new opportunities. Thank you so much! I am grateful and feel very blessed.”

– Angela Garcia

Let the next success story from Prosperity Plus be yours. Register now. We look forward to supporting you every step of the way.

Celebrating Your Next Level of Success,

Unity of Wilmington Board of Directors,

(Myron, Lainie, Trish, Gail, Francesca and Aimee)

Click here to sign up.