A Note from President Lainie Mauger

    Ever wonder what it means to be the Beloved Expression of God?  To be One with God?  To have the 12 Powers of God, as discerned by Unity’s founder Charles Fillmore?  This has intrigued me since I joined Unity.  Pre-Unity, my religious affiliation was Catholic.  God was out there, separate from me.  Me separate from the One.  So, I learn that these Powers/ Assets/ Abilities that I have are an intrinsic part of my essential spirit, my Divine Nature.  I can practice them any time.  I can strengthen them as well.  They are here whether I neglect them or not, as much a part of me as my heart, lungs, muscles, smile, etc.

    So, what are they?  There are 12.  The number 12 metaphorically refers to spiritual fulfillment.  To name them:  Faith, Understanding, Will, Imagination, Zeal, Power, Love, Wisdom, Strength, Order, Release, and Life.  These make me whole, perfect and complete.  They are here to serve me as I serve and as I would use them.  They are part of my Divine Nature.

    I AM a spirit without my body, but I cannot be a live body with my spirit, my Divine Nature.  That is what makes me and you perfect whole and complete, even if I do not practice it or feel it.  I can realize my Divine Nature, wholeness by letting it happen, being aware, meditating, going into my quiet place and listening for that still small voice to guide me and knowing that at every moment I AM.  Being Perfect, Whole and Complete is strange at first and somewhat presumptive, but you get used to it.  Just as we practiced to use and control our bodies, we practice using our “Powers.”  They are with us all the time, and act in unison even though I may focus on or emphasize one or the other.

     How can I use them now during this strange new adventure we are living through?  Covid 19, masks, social distancing, familiar places closed or off limits, e.g., church, self-quarantine has been going for over seven months now.  These external events have certainly limited me, all of us, making us learn new ways and behaviors.  They are external and real, how I respond depends to a great extent on my Divine Nature.

    Do I remember who I AM?  Am I able to say, “I AM OK?”  I do have the 12 Powers guiding me, the patience and strength to stay the course or find a new one.  This may appear to be inconsistent day by day.  I can see you as perfect, whole and complete using your Diving Nature as well to guide you through your day.  You know that we are always connected to and a part of the One.  So, let us smile, take a breath, wiggle our toes and get on with it.  We can always celebrate our survival for one more day.