Note from the Revs. 10/9/2020

A Note from Rev. Nickie

“The mind of the spirit will guide you in perfect ways, even in the minute detail of your life, if you will let it do so,” is a powerful statement by Charles Fillmore. Allowing ourselves to be guided from our divine nature is sometimes difficult because we are so used to being directed
outside ourselves.  Other people’s ideas and opinions are sometimes what we use as a guide instead of our inner voice from our oneness with the divine.  

Let’s explore this idea of being guided by spirit.   Can you recognize your intuition and how it communicates with you?  Do you experience your intuition as a voice, internal knowing, or even a sensory feeling?  At times, I hear a clear, distinct voice that seems to come from inside my head and behind my left ear.  I know to listen to this voice.  Now, I may still argue with it.  Yet, over the years, I have found if I take action on the information from what I heard, my life flows with greater ease.  

Listening to our inner guidance takes moments of stillness or getting quiet.  We must settle our monkey mind to hear beyond the typical repetitive banter in our busy minds.  Napolean Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, would get ready for sleep and call forth in his mind his invisible counselors to guide him while sleeping.  He would pose a problem and ask his council, a group of businessmen he revered, to assist him in finding the solution so that when he awoke, he would know the next steps to take.  

As we learn to tune into our divine nature, to listen, and know, we will light our path from within ourselves.  This inner directedness opens the way for spirit to guide us in perfect ways.

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