Note from the Revs. 1/22/21

A Note from Rev. Nickie:
Over the past few weeks, Rev. Mindy and I have talked about covenants in the bible between God and Noah, Abraham, and Jacob.  Now let’s take a look at agreements between two or more people. For me, the definition of an agreement is doing what I say I am going to do or not doing agreeing parties.  Agreements are a part of our energy flow system, and when we do not honor agreements, we disrupt that flow. 

Sometimes we make agreements because we have difficulty saying no to someone we love or someone we see as an authority figure. We often override what our genuine desire is and make agreements more out of a feeling of obligation.  Many of us were not taught how to renegotiate agreements when we have discovered they no longer resonate with what we want or need in life.  It takes courage to stand in our power and be true to ourselves.  One easy way to renegotiate an agreement is to share with the person you made the agreement with that after you have reflected on the agreement, you would like to change it. Then, share what you are willing to do and what you are not willing to do.  Both parts, what we are willing to do and what we are not willing to do, are essential to keep our energy flowing.  The previously bound up energy is now available for us to create what we most want in life.  

In the Intention-Action-Manifestation project, we have spent a few weeks determining our intentions.  Now it is time to look at what action steps we are willing to take to energize our intentions.  Think of this process as an agreement you are making with yourself.  Let yourself take time to choose action steps that would be pleasurable to you and bring you joy as you move forth on your journey.  Have fun intending and creating action steps.  Then generate gratitude as if these intentions to actions have already manifest. 

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