Note from the Revs. 2/12/21

A Note from Rev. Mindy:
As I grew up in the rich multicultural environment of Honolulu, I integrated a number of beliefs which I have found to be universally valuable for all people.  Some spiritual social scientists would say that I marinated in a collective consciousness which was a melting pot of Christianity, Buddhism, Tao, and Pacific Islander.  I have a deep reverence for land and sea.  I am inspired by ancient wisdom.  I follow footsteps of tradition.  All while being a Unity minister.

Today marks the first day of Chinese New Year.  Along with almost 1.5 billion Chinese around the world, I am turning my attention to day one of the festivities.  Today I honor my family, especially my ancestors.  I give particular gratitude to my grandparents for the hardships they endured. I give gratitude to my parents for the choices they made to provide me with a wonderful education and an strong ethic for living.

I extend my gratitude to Johnnie Mae Forman and Jo Sellers who started a study group which was to grow, with the support of Rev. Jim Rosemergy and ultimate organization of Rev. René and Marie Paré, into the full-fledged ministry we know today as Unity of Wilmington.  We stand on their shoulders. 

While the tradition of Chinese New Year celebrations begin by honoring the past, it continues with a forward focus.  What’s to emerge in the coming year?  Collective consciousness held by nearly 1.5 billion people on our planet believes this is a year to focus on healthy relationships and a year when work will get rewarded.  This is a year for economic recovery and consolidation.  A magnificent potential for each of us, and for Unity of Wilmington.

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