Note from the Revs. 2/19/21

A Note from Rev. Nickie:
We are born as the very essence of Love.  Usually, based on a particular experience, we make a decision that causes us to fall out of Love with ourselves.  The moment we make this decision, we begin to see ourselves differently.  It is as if we have put on a filter that will impact our perception from that moment. As life moves on, we forget that we have decided and begin to believe that this is just who we are.   This decision may be based on either what someone else said to us or on some form of comparing ourselves to another.  When we are young, our minds are impressionable, and we do not have the cognitive capacity to discern whether or not another’s statement about us is accurate or not.  As adults, we do.  Yet, when our filters of not feeling lovable are in place, we may find we have difficulty sorting perceptions.  

One of the basic tenets of Unity is that we are inherently Divine.  We cannot be separate from Love.   We can choose not to express it, or we can choose to focus on our wholeness and live from that consciousness.
It is up to us to explore ways to set ourselves free from old erroneous perceptions and recognize that we can examine old beliefs and shift our perceptions.  We can begin to affirm that we have all that we need inside us to search for those filters that we applied at an earlier point in our lives. The Love we have been searching for is already within us, and all we have to do is uncover it, allow it to shine, and give ourselves the gift of loving ourselves.  Sometimes this process is not easy, yet it is well worth the effort.  Loving ourselves places us back in alignment with spiritual principles.  The more we love ourselves, the more opportunities we recognize to give and receive Love.  Love is drawn to itself and grows and expands in the process. 

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Rev. Nickie Golden
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