Note from the Revs. 2/26/21

A Note from Rev. Mindy:
“Be the change you wish to see in this world.”  
Arleen Lorrance, The Love Project Brooklyn, NY 1970

The notion of being the change leads to a couple of powerful results:

  • It gets us to stop judging and complaining about others.
  • It calls us to a higher level of personal responsibility

All the tendencies in the outer world come from our inner world.  If we could change ourselves - our inner world, our experience of the outer world would also change. 

We forget sometimes that we ourselves started in motion the machinery which produced good or evil in our pathway.  We forget sometimes that our words and thoughts are a form of dynamite, and ought to be handled carefully, with wisdom and understanding.  We’ve hurled out into the ethers, words of anger, resentment or self-pity and then wonder why life is so hard.

Being the change is not learning about the change, researching the change, taking a workshop about the change.  What can we really change?  We can’t change a diagnosis.  We can’t change that un-healed relationship with a parent who has died, a former spouse who refuses to speak to us, a former co-worker from three jobs and two states back.  I had a minster growing up who used to say, not even God can change the past. 

Being the change is an invitation to make a shift in our consciousness, make a shift in our thinking.  We can change how we feel about our circumstance.  A feeling deep in our hearts… a feeling anchored in the truth of the Divine begins in us a new vibration, a new thought, a new way of being that brings to us an experience that is closer to our birthright – to joy, love and peace.

If you wish to reach out:
Rev. Nickie Golden
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