Note from the Revs. 2/5/21

A Note from Rev. Nickie:
Self-awareness is our ability to turn our attention inward to explore our inner worlds.  When we can do this from a consciousness of curiosity, we can learn vast amounts about ourselves.  Most of us have learned to look at ourselves from a perspective of blame and criticism.  If this is our come from, the process will not be much fun.  However, when we can look at ourselves from a consciousness of curiosity, we can have fun exploring. Let’s try this on for a moment. Identify three things you appreciate about yourself:



Now, get curious.  When did these appreciations show up in your life?   How often do you focus on self-appreciation?  What other parts of your life can you appreciate?  Many people think that appreciating themselves is selfish.  However, self-appreciation is one step in the process of self-love.  Permit yourself daily to appreciate yourself in your meditations or some other aspect of your life. 

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Rev. Nickie Golden
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