Note from the Revs. 4/16/21

A Note from Rev. Mindy:
Unity’s co-founders believed each of us has 12 innate capacities for expressing our divinity.  Mr. Fillmore called them the 12 Powers, and over Unity’s 132 year history, Unity writers have referred to these powers as faculties and/or abilities.  They are alive in us regardless of the consciousness we apply to them.

My heart has been hurting this week watching events unfold in Minnesota. What’s come up is a continued realization that “news” is sensationalized from a particular set of values, and not simply from a disinterested effort at truth.

What really happened?  I don’t know.  I wasn’t there.  What I do know is that I want to participate in the healing of the society and culture I live in.  I want to live in a community where trust and respect abound.

Unity teaches us to be vigilant of our own thinking and feeling.  With the attention we place on our words and ideas, we re-wire our brains and reinforce tendencies, emotions, and patterns of behavior.  Choosing words and ideas of blessing, rather than condemning, is a positive way to create well-being in a turbulent time.  Condemning narrows our ability to learn from a situation, and re-cables neurons to manifest more of what we don’t want.

Unity of Wilmington invites you into prayer.  Praise the good you do perceive.  Praise a collective desire to co-create safer communities.
Bless our potential for healing.  Bless our capacity to see each other’s wholeness.  Will you pray these blessings with us?

If you wish to reach out:
Rev. Nickie Golden
Rev. Mindy Tucker