Note from the Revs. 4/2/21

On Easter
A Note from Rev. Nickie and Rev. Mindy - 

On this good Friday, we want to bring you words from our co-founder, Charles Fillmore.  This is a portion of his Easter talk given at the Unity Auditorium in Kansas City, Mo. on April 12, 1914.  It is a snapshot of Unity’s belief about Jesus and his death on the cross.

“The life and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is viewed and taught from two diametrically opposite standpoints.  The first teaching, and the most popular, is that of the Orthodox Christian church, that Jesus was the son of God; that he was crucified, died was resurrected, ascended into heaven, and sits at the right hand of the Father as one of the judges of men, and that his death was to save our souls.  The other teaching is that of the unorthodox Christian, the mystics, those who see from the standpoint of logic and truth.  They teach that Jesus was crucified; that he died; that the life was put out of his body, but he had developed that power which resides in every man, until he resurrected that body, and that he refined that body until it was invisible to the eye of sense, but that it resides here in our midst; that it is the seed of a new life for all those who believe in it, that is, who enter into it with faith, striving to make their consciousness its consciousness.  Now, the two, great viewpoints of these teachings, succinctly stated, is this:  One teaches men how to die; the other teaches men how to live.”

Which choice will you make? 

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