Note from the Revs. 4/23/21

A Note from Rev. Nickie:
Most of us have days that feel like they just flow. When we are in the flow, we align with the Universe, living in divine order and utilizing spiritual principles. Then some days seem like we come up against obstacles over and over. We are out of the flow, and there is a need to shift something to return to the flow.  How uncomfortable do you have to become before you decide to change something?  

For many of us, we have to be pretty uncomfortable to do something different; yet we receive messages every day inviting us to shift back into the flow of life.  It is up to us to listen and to make the shift. The benefit of being in alignment with the Universe is that life just seems to flow.  Everything unfolds with ease, and we have more fun.  

When we are out of the flow, the path is not fluid. We feel out of alignment.   When this happens, typically, we are in some form of resistance to what is. We can know we are out of the flow when we feel anxious and unsettled, feeling tired and overwhelmed, and feeling restless. 

When we are honest with ourselves about what we desire and take steps towards creating it, we will find that we are spending more time in alignment.  Alignment feels good. Alignment has a sense of ease about it. Alignment is our default setting (we've just forgotten it along the way). When we are in alignment, we begin to experience the synchronicities of life.  The writer of Proverbs 3:6 reminds us to "Listen for God's voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; It's the one that will keep you on track." When we are listening to the voice of our inner guidance, and we follow it, we will find we have more time where we feel like we are in the flow of life

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Rev. Nickie Golden
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