Note from the Revs. 4/30/21

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion on one's courage.” ~ Anaïs Nin
I used to think that it was confidence that led to living a more expanded life.  Then, in listening to a TED talk years ago, I learned it is courage, not confidence, that moves us forward in life.  I had spent a good bit of my life waiting to feel confident before moving forward, taking action, facing conflict, or making tough decisions.  I had entangled the ideas of perfection and confidence.  I twisted myself working to achieve perfection for long enough to fortify an inkling of confidence, and I was tired of waiting.
Courage is simply summoned at will.  It is an internal upswelling of alignment with Spirit.  Courage compels me to action in accordance to well-chosen values.  I know what needs to be done, and I call forth courage to lead me through it.  Where do I find my courage?  In the practice of meditation, meditation of any type.  I may conceive the seed idea in a guided meditation, verify its efficacy in the sacred and holy silence, but the real movement of courage arises in my walking meditations.  It is as if the motion of my body initiates the kinetic energy I need to spring forth into action.
My favorite childhood story was The Little Engine that Could.  While the Little Blue Engine didn’t have a lot of confidence, its courage to try succeeded in bringing the train over the mountain.  I invite you to find the courage to “think you can” do what your heart is calling you to accomplish, and do it.  Live a more expansive life!

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