Note from the Revs. 4/9/21

A Note from Rev. Nickie:
How much do our beliefs impact what we manifest?  We know that thoughts and feelings held in mind draw us to similar thoughts and feelings.  However, we also talk about holding what we want in consciousness with a heart-centered emotion such as love, joy, peace, or gratitude.  However, what happens when we attempt to manifest something we do not believe we can manifest.  This often occurs for people and impinges on our ability to demonstrate.  Many of us have heard the adage that when we become a vibrational match for what we desire, it will show up for us.  When we have a desire for something, money, health, relationship, etc., we must be able to imagine it.  Then do the energetic work to make it happen.  In the past, I have attempted to manifest beyond what I believed I could demonstrate.  My manifestation fell short, and I discovered I would manifest what I was able to wrap my mind around.  I began to play with manifesting things I believed I could.

I started with parking spaces; I worked my way up to people buying me dinner, then advanced to a new job and an apartment in a new city.  It wasn’t long before I started focusing on non-tangible manifestations, inner peace, joy, having more fun, and gratitude.  It was a step-by-step process for me.  I learned to expand what I believed and found myself having new manifestation experiences.  One of the most helpful books for me was Wayne Dyer’s book You’ll See It When You Believe It. Then, Abraham Hicks has a concept that you may recognize, which states all we need to do is think a better feeling thought until we get in a vibrational match with our desires.  

Thus, several steps assist us in manifesting:  set a clear intention that we can believe in, do the work to become a vibrational match by thinking better feeling thoughts, which is a method of expanding our beliefs, then live in gratitude as if it has already happened.  If we can fully enjoy the process while we are manifesting all the more fun. 

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