Note from the Revs 5/14/21

A Note from Rev. Mindy:
“If we really want to love, we must learn how to forgive.”  
                                                                               ~ Mother Teresa
Forgiveness can be hard, but not too hard, not when we have the right support and perspective.  In all of forgiveness processes what we are really doing is what Jesus instructed us to do in the Lord’s Prayer:  untangling the knots of error that bind us.  Here are three “F’s” we can work through on our own:
  1. Feel all of the feelings.  When we express – through prayer, through journaling, through worksheets – all of our feelings surrounding an event, a person or an issue, we take down walls we have built between us and our greatest good.  As we feel our feelings, our hearts begin to open to living in the flow.
  2. Find our true self. When we open our hearts, we can discover the transformative power of conscious choice rather than living from reaction.  Candy Lightner, the founder of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, came to a choice point between allowing the grief of losing her daughter to consume her and taking a stand against drunk drivers in the US.  As in her and so many others, it is an internal shift which moves us from being at the “effect of” an event to being an effective agent for change in their own lives and in our world. This point of power comes when we find our true self.
  3. Freedom.  Freedom to experience optimal well-being. Freedom to have loving relationships in our lives.  Freedom to express pure happiness and joy.  Freedom to feel the peace that passes all understanding.

 Forgiveness is not something we give to someone else. It is a gift we give ourselves. Forgiveness allows us to live in the present and leave the past behind. Forgiveness will free us to be the three things we want in our world:  love, joy and peace.


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