Note from the Revs. 5/28/21

A Note from Rev. Mindy:

Tutu is the Hawaiian word for grandmother.  It is what my children called my mother, and what I called my mother’s mother.  Earlier this month, I spent 10 in-person, real-life contact days with my grandson, Luca, in Eugene, Oregon.  I called my vacation “Tutu heaven.” 

Luca was born at the beginning of the shut down time, when air travel was unadvisable and uncertainty abounded.  One of the gifts of my 2020 cancelled visit was the beginning of a daily practice of FaceTime calls.  In his 15 months of life, we have missed less than a handful of times.  So, when we finally met in person, Luca was full of smiles and warm cuddles for his Tutu.

I’m reminded of the benefit of daily spiritual practice.  What thoughts and feelings are you holding in your meditation and day dreams?  How natural is the flow between imagination and longing, and the actual experience you have when your vision comes into manifestation?  What creative action steps are you taking along the way?

If there are visions and longings you would like for Rev. Nickie and I to hold in prayer with you, we would be honored to do so.  Please reach out!