Note from the Revs. 6/18/21

A Note from Rev. Nickie:
Saying yes to what works opens our lives to potentials and possibilities beyond our wildest imaginations. For example, Moses said YES when God told him to go to Pharaoh and ask him to let the Israelites go.   Moses then led the Israelites to the promised land.   Noah said YES when God asked him to build the ark, and a new covenant was born.  Mary said YES when the angel told her she would carry God’s son, Jesus, and a new way of being was born. 

What are you saying Yes to in life that allows you to experience more joy?  What would your life look like if you opened to more delight?  There is nothing wrong with saying no.  When we say no to something, we are saying yes to something else.  If I say no to teaching another class, I have the freedom to choose yes to doing something else with that time.  If I say no to how someone is treating me, I am open to being treated in the manner that I desire.  Our “yes” and “no” answers can shape our lives so that we are creating what we most want in our lives. Many people have not been taught the power of no.  We often talk about the power of yes; then, we feel guilty saying no.  Have you ever heard yourself say, “Oh, I felt terrible saying no, so I said yes, and now I regret it?  Have you ever said yes because you felt obligated, then when it was time to do what you had agreed to do, you found yourself frustrated and resentful?  What are you being invited to say no to in your life that would free up time for greater enjoyment of life?

When we are aware of our freedom to say yes or no when a request is made, we can honor our desires.  This freedom is a form of self-care.   Often people are afraid if they say no that someone will be mad, not like them, or not invite them again.  Exercising the power of our yes and no responses takes courage, and it opens us to the potential of living life in the “things I love to do” zone.  Then, we can create a life that includes our wildest dreams.

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