Note from the Revs. 7/23/21

Note from the Revs: Rev. Mindy

This is my last “Note from the Revs” and my last Sunday speaking prior to my three-month sabbatical, and as I sit down to write, I notice one of those BOTH/AND experiences.  I feel a wrenching away from the spiritual community I have served non-stop since 2015.  I also feel a deep longing for renewal on many levels – spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.  I will miss you, and this is the absolute right choice for the good of my soul.

Sabbaticals are opportunities for long-time employees to enjoy time off for personal projects that may be more long-term than vacation time affords.  Most people are familiar with academics doing so, but sabbaticals have actually been a practice for religious leaders for millennia.  Ancient traditions often included retreats or pilgrimages.  In the 21st century, professional development, community service and travel are some of the more popular choices. 

As for me, I have planned a trek across the US in my Honda CRV named Big Red.  My itinerary includes fine art museums, historic sites, festivals and more time at the beach.  I will collect my last eight of the 50 states, including North Dakota which is not on the way to anywhere.

My prayers for your well-being and the vitality of this spiritual community will be unceasing.  I ask the same in return.  Until we meet again, much love!

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Rev. Mindy Tucker