Note from the Revs May 21, 2021

A Note from Rev. Nickie:
 “You will decide on a matter, and it will be established for you, and light will shine on your ways.”  Job 22:28 (NRSV) 
How many of you have ever been called willful?  Did you see this as a compliment or a judgment?  Most often, a statement such as “you are willful” is meant as a judgment.  However, with a shift in our perception, we can look at the use of our will as an accomplishment.  It is something that can assist us in creating a life well-lived.  Will is the ability to focus our minds on something we desire and take action.  We can draw upon skills of determination, conviction, and motivation to support our will.
According to Charles Fillmore, “The will is the center in mind and body around which revolve all the activities that constitute consciousness. It is the avenue through which the I AM expresses its potentiality.”  Therefore, we need our capacity of will. It is the driving force to put our desires into action.   
How we utilize, our will has to do with where we are in consciousness.  Do we think life is happening to us or as us?  Do we see our self as a victim or as a co-creator?   This distinction is important because what a person wills impacts our life.  We can make choices that bring us our greatest good. 


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