Notes From The Revs!

2021 has been the Year of Potential Manifesting at Unity of Wilmington.  Rev. Nickie and I were particular in both our word choice and our word order.  We wanted to put the word potential first because we wanted to keep the idea of unlimited possibility first and foremost in our minds.  Just because an experience happened in the past, doesn’t mean it has to re-occur in our present.  The potential exists, in Universal Mind, for outcomes to be different than they have been in the past.
We are grateful to each of you who supported, watched and/or attended Unity of Wilmington in this last year.  Together, your participation has defined the beauty, the love and the vibrancy that expresses as Unity of Wilmington.  In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus taught “by their fruits you will know them.”  You are Unity of Wilmington’s potential manifested.