Notes From The Revs!

Rev. Mindy:

Have you ever held a vision in your mind with an intensity of both thought and feeling, and taken all the action you could imagine to bring that vision into reality? We hear about the practice of this spiritual law in Unity all the time. It works when we work it. Yet, there are times when it only sort of works when we work it, and other times when we get something we didn't even know we were working on.

We can trace our current experiences back through our actions to the thoughts and feelings we held in our consciousness at some point in our past. We do this, not to punish ourselves for mis-thinking, mis-feeling and mis-taken actions, but to invite forgiveness and a reformation of our consciousness. Reformation can lead to regeneration a clearer understanding of divine ideas.

Unity of Wilmington has declared 2022 the Year of Regeneration. We are here as a spiritual community to support you through your process of reformation, to regenerate new beginnings in the health of your body (the divine idea of life), in the health of your relationships (the divine idea of love), and in the health of your prosperity (the divine idea of infinite supply).