Notes from the Revs. 8/6/2021

Notes from the Revs:
Rev. Nickie

Change means to make or become different.  We are changing all the time whether we are conscious of the change or not.  Every day is a new day and brings forth change.  The very fact that we are in a new day is change.  How do you feel about change?  Sometimes I am deeply excited and other times I feel equally scared.  Then there are moments of change that I see going on around me that have minimal impact.  The manner in which we perceive and respond to change has an impact on us.  We can be in alignment with change or be in various degrees of resistance to change.
When we are willing to acknowledge that change is occurring and notice where we are resistant, we can let go of what has passed easier.  When we are willing to embrace the new, we can save ourselves turmoil.  Embracing the new does not mean glossing over our feelings.  It means allowing ourselves to feel whatever emerges in the midst of change, and then finding healthy ways of expressing our feelings. These may include but are not limited to talking to a friend, journaling, creative movement, or doing something you enjoy. 
When we express our emotions, then shift our focus to the positive, we will navigate change with greater ease. Next time you are challenged by change, try learning a new hobby, doing something that brings joy, then focus on the benefits of the change.
Let’s affirm:   I embrace change with ease.

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