Rev. Susan Scott-Downs Unity's Guest Speaker 5/8/2022

Rev. Susan has been an ordained Unity minister for forty-six years…but she doesn’t look it!

Her devotion to studying and teaching universal Truth, as revealed by Jesus the Christ, has been her mission in life.

“What more satisfying purpose could I have had!” is her enthusiastic assessment.

Join Unity of Wilmington, Sunday May 8 for the Lesson "Yes, Ma'am!"

Many of us have figured out, every early in life, that learning when to say, “Yes, Ma’am”, was a sacred duty.  These two words would always be our proper response to a female adult from our own family or to an adult woman in authority.  Those words convey acknowledgement of the substantial importance of the female “elders” in our personal world.

One of our fundamental beliefs in Unity is that God is not only our Divine Father but is, also, our original and eternal Mother.  God is our Maternal Creator and Nurturer and is, also, the Ultimate Female Energy in our lives, now and forever.  With this Truth in mind, when we offer our prayers to our divine Mother, we might choose to include an enthusiastic and affirmative, “Yes, Ma’am”!!