Sunday Services

Facebook Live Service, Sundays @ 11:00 am

What an opportunity to celebrate spiritual community in a whole new way!  Beginning Sunday, March 22, our services became available via Facebook Live at 11:00 am.  All you have to do to watch is to find Unity of Wilmington’s Facebook page at:  
If you find you cannot tune in at that time, you may watch at a later time on our YouTube channel Unity of Wilmington.

We are a Unity community of people who believe that we are created in the image of and likeness of God.  God is Radiant Health, and so are we.  God is Strength, and so are we.  God is full of Forgiveness, and so are we.  In Oneness, we are whole.

There is a proverb attributed to the Prophet Mohammed which states, “Trust in God, but tie up your camel.”  That is exactly what we’re inviting you to do at Unity of Wilmington.  We are affirming perfect health AND implementing policies to assure the optimal health and well-being of our spiritual community.  All programs and classes have been suspended as we have temporarily closed the building.

As the situation with COVID-19 is extremely dynamic, your leadership team will continue to make proactive decisions that are grounded in care for you and the employees.  These are truly uncharted times and we're learning right alongside you as we navigate COVID–19 together. We are proud of the swift decisions your leadership team is making, and we will always do what's best for you and others served by Unity of Wilmington.

Are you aware you are part of the solution to this current health challenge?  You have an important role to play in minimizing the impact of this virus on the world.  The work of Unity for more than 130 years has been to shift consciousness.  Our powerful tools of denial and affirmation are essential.  Today your ministers offer this affirmation from Silent Unity for you to use: 

Mighty currents of God's healing love flow through me now, renewing and restoring every fiber of my being.  I am whole, well and free.

Experience Unity!  Sunday services at Unity of Wilmington invite you into inspired living, feeling blessed and ready to take positive action.
•    9:00 am & 11:00 am (when we re-open)
•    717 Orchard Avenue Wilmington, NC 28403

Both Sunday services include
•    An uplifting experience of music
•    Awesome talent from local performers
•    Encouraging messages based on Ancient Wisdom/New Thought
•    Meditation
•    Honoring the insights of our Youth

Parking is available in the neighborhood and the adjacent lot on the Wrightsville Avenue side of the property.

Unity of Wilmington

Our vision:  United in Love, the world celebrates joy, abundance and harmony

Our mission:  We are a vibrant, loving spiritual community expanding consciousness and inspiring personal transformation.

Core values:  Spiritual, Uplifting, Dynamic, Loving, Inclusive Community

Intention statements:  
Unity of Wilmington is a loving, vibrant, inclusive, Spirit-led community.
Unity of Wilmington's congregation is a powerful force of love and joy, embracing diversity and living Unity spiritual principles.
Relationships at Unity of Wilmington are centered in integrity, authenticity, and unconditional Love.
Unity of Wilmington is an inspirational, expanding ministry demonstrating successful leadership, prosperity and responsible stewardship.


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