Unity of Wilmington and Rev. Aliza Bloom Robinson Present:

It’s Official!  We have contracted with Rev. Aliza Bloom Robinson, Certified Transitional Consultant! Unity of Wilmington will be moving through a variety of Leadership and Congregational processes during this time.

As a Congregation – the more people who are involved, the better the end result.

We know there are many thoughts, feelings, excitements and wounds that are alive in this ministry. We want to HEAR them all!

Rev. Aliza Bloom Robinson will be with us for the weekend of May 20-22, 2022. She’ll be working with the Leadership on Friday evening and offering a very powerful, experiential, spiritual based workshop called Sacred Listening Circles.

You – the congregation including the Leadership will have the opportunity to participate Saturday, May 21, from 10 am -4 pm. Yes- it’s a long day. But Rev. Aliza promises it will be expansive, enlightening and freeing!

We’ll be creating sacred space to both LISTEN – to every voice; and also to be HEARD with a specific process for building community. The day will complete with a Ritual of Release and Renew!

Please plan on attending and participating in the co-creation of the next upleveling of Unity of Wilmington!

Biggest Blessings,


Unity of Wilmington Board, Leadership Team and Rev. Aliza