Weekly Gratitude Practice 11/20/20

Weekly Gratitude Practices in November

Thanksgiving is upon us now.  Our ability to look within and find gratitude may be limited by our experience of all that is going on around us, some things familiar and many unfamiliar.  Yet, what is consistent is that within us is the source of All that Is.  You may call this God, Source Energy, or any one of the infinite names for the divine.  The Truth that we have within us all that we need to live in any situation is a great reason to live in gratitude.  This week, we are celebrating all that we are thankful for with a gratitude journal.

As North Carolina’s governor imposes tighter restrictions for gathering in person, Unity of Wilmington is offering weekly gratitude practices in lieu of our accustomed Gratitude Night gathering.  

This Week's Practice:  Create a Gratitude Journal

Click here to find a PDF Gratitude Journal Sheet you can use to live in gratitude.

We’re also giving you a link to Karen Drucker's I'm So Grateful… just to get you in the mood. Click here for the song!