Board of Directors

Our board of directors are a group of devoted leaders from within our Unity community. They are committed to the fulfillment of the inspired vision of Unity of Wilmington. Contact the Board.


I love being a part of this loving community and having so many opportunities for spiritual growth.  I look forward to unlimited possibilities as we expand and transform together.  I love the connection with people, the lessons, the vibrancy I feel when I walk in, and the way it stays with me long after I leave.
Vicki Hayes, Member-at-Large & Nominating Committee Representative




I love the friends I have made here, the feeling of being welcomed, and especially the insights I gain for how to be a better me.  I love the good viration I feel when I walk through the door.  Unity of Wilmington has become a home for me.  My daughter grew up in this community; they helped me raise her.
Myron McNeil, President




I love the Unity principles, the people at Unity of Wilmington, and the practice of expanding consciousness in a welcoming spiritual community.
Aimee Calleja, Vice President






John Hinrichs, Treasurer






Richard Walsh, Secretary





Francesca Fazzolari, Member-at-Large



I love the vibrancy and the joy here, and this spiritual community's willingness to deepen in consciousness!
Rev. Nickie Golden, Co-Minister





I love the love and boundless curiosity in this spiritual community - from the people to the principles.  I am inspired to live into my ‘full aliveness’ while caring deeply for those I serve.
Rev. Mindy Tucker, Co-Minister







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