Board of Directors

Our board of directors are a group of devoted leaders from within our Unity community. They are committed to the fulfillment of the inspired vision of Unity of Wilmington. Contact the Board.



I love Unity of Wilmington's openness, acceptance, joyfulness with only one string - ONENESS with God and each other!
Lainie Mauger, President




I love being a part of this loving community and having so many opportunities for spiritual growth.  I look forward to unlimited possibilities as we expand and transform together.  I love the connection with people, the lessons, the vibrancy I feel when I walk in, and the way it stays with me long after I leave.
Vicki Hayes, Member-at-Large




I love the opportunity for spiritual growth and learning how to embrace my own spirituality.  I love belonging to this spiritual community, a family of choice.  Unity of Wilmington offers a beautiful and unique place to remember, "I am a beloved child of God."
Marci Staten, Member-at-Large




I love the friends I have made here, the feeling of being welcomed, and especially the insights I gain for how to be a better me.  I love the good viration I feel when I walk through the door.  Unity of Wilmington has become a home for me.  My daughter grew up in this community; they helped me raise her.
Myron McNeil, Vice President




I'm honored to be an active member of Unity of Wilmington and to now serve on its Board of Directors.  We are a strong, vibrant congregation, with exceptional minister and staff and a dedicated Board.  It is a beautiful, loving community to belong to.  
Liz Hoover-Greenwald, Treasurer




Aimee Calleja, Member-at-Large





I love the vibrancy and the joy here, and this spiritual community's willingness to deepen in consciousness!
Rev. Nickie Golden, Co-Minister





I love the love and boundless curiosity in this spiritual community - from the people to the principles.  I am inspired to live into my ‘full aliveness’ while caring deeply for those I serve.
Rev. Mindy Tucker, Co-Minister







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