Board of Directors

Our board of directors are a group of devoted leaders from within our Unity community. They are committed to the fulfillment of the inspired vision of Unity of Wilmington. Contact the Board.



I love Unity of Wilmington's openness, acceptance, joyfulness with only one string - ONENESS with God and each other!
Lainie Mauger, President




The first time I walked into a Unity Church, I saw a sign that said, "Guilt stops here." All my life I had been taught to feel guilty about every normal human thought or feeling I had. Finally a place to know that I had worth, value, a purpose for being here. No more need to buy fire insurance. I love it, inclusive and loving instead of "We're right and everyone else is wrong!"
David Hall, Secretary




I love being a part of this loving community and having so many opportunities for spiritual growth.  I look forward to unlimited possibilities as we expand and transform together.
Vicki Hayes, Member-at-Large






Marci Staten, Member-at-Large




I remember the first time I stepped on the grounds of Unity of Wilmington.  The positive, warm, and loving energy I felt gave me the feelin of home that I have been searching for a long time.  As I walked through the doors, I was greeted with open arms and treated like I was family.  Each service I attend resontes with me and is uplifting.  To this day, I still feel that same feeling.
Tina Vesely, Member-at-Large



I love participating in a workship service that resounds the Truth that God is good and continually reminds me that prayer and meditation are the open door to a personal relationship with God.  I am uplifted belonging to this community that provides fertile ground for spiritual growth and supports each individual's personal path.
Janette Wellman, Vice President



I love the vibrancy and the joy here, and this spiritual community's willingness to deepen in consciousness!
Rev. Nickie Golden, Co-Minister




I love the depth of love and unconditional acceptance in this spiritual community - from the people to the principles.  I am inspired to live into my ‘full aliveness!’
Rev. Mindy Tucker, Co-Minister







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